What is an ISoc?

ISoc is Newcastle University Islamic Society. It has been serving Muslim students at the university since the ’70s.

The Islamic Society exists to represent the Muslim students, serve their interests and maintain the facilities which cater to their needs on campus. We organise regular lectures, outreach events, Islamic classes and social and sports activities. We also hold outreach events to engage in the wider community.

We try to promote unity and Muslim student welfare, as well as create an atmosphere encouraging of Muslim students to engage in society and strive for its betterment.


ISOC committee 2014/2015

President Ali Abdulkarim Alsaawi

General Secretary Musa Salah Al-Yaman

Treasurer Teuku Mukhriza

Head of Brothers’ Committee Yusuf Zia

Head of Sisters’ Committee Maryam Sharif

Marketing Officers Maryam Mushtaq

Activities Officers Monketh Jaibaji

Da’wah Officer Sohail

Brother Supporting member (I) Saman Khalid

Brother Supporting member (II) Zain charfudine Cruz

Brother Supporting member (III)  Richard Coupland

Sister Supporting member (I) Ayat Bashir

Sister Supporting member (II) Datcaeva Luiza

Sister Supporting member (III) Shamoona Tawhid

The Committee 2012/2013

President – Abdulaziz Al-Shareedah

General Secretary – Ahmed Alonaizi

Treasurer – Malik Musthofa

Head of Brothers’ Committe – Yusuf Zia

Head of Sisters’ Committee – Ayat Bashir –

Activities Officer – Ally Malima

Marketing Officer


You can contact the ISoc at islamic.soc@newcastle.ac.uk or head.sister@newcastleisoc.com, or on our Facebook page.

If you would like to be involved, please speak to a committee member when you see them!

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